My Self Guided Workout Fail

I thought about doing some ab exercises, but did not. I am also supposed to try to reach behind my back while looking in the mirror. I did attempt a few reaches, but not in front of the mirror. I am so close to reaching. It is one of those things I can not over do, my tone will shut my hand movement down. I did make it to the school to walk. I went up to 3/4 mile, then thought it would be best to stop. I don’t want to over work my still healing knee. It felt much better today.

I have not eaten any snacks at all today. I can’t tonight because I am fasting for my blood work tomorrow. I finally had the nerve to weigh myself. The scale has finally moved, after months being the same, I lost two pounds. I still have a ways to go, so I am not going to reward myself just yet. I need some new jeans bad, so I can’t put off those workouts anymore. I hope the 50 degree temps the next two days help.