Just Keep Swimming

I finally made it back to the pool. My son had a blast, a classmate and other kids were there. I tried my left side kick and arm movements. They were not good enough to swim like an Olympian. Not even close. They were a bit better than before. I did not go in 360 degree circles. I also moved the whole hour I was there. I am calling that my daily exercise. I am exhausted now.

I was so glad we did make it into the 50’s today. Stuff is melting, but still messy on the road and sidewalk to walk in. The driveway is still mostly ice, but it is not supposed to dip too low tonight. It should also warm up again tomorrow. I hope not to sleep the whole morning away again. I have phone calls to make. I then will get out to take some more film to be developed.

I need to go to the store again, to get my son some string cheese for his after school snack. That is monumental for him. He is such a picky eater. After spending too much time picking onions out of his spaghetti sauce tonight, he gave up and made himself toast and peanut butter. I tried not to make a big deal out of it. I told him I understand his food sensitivity. I also told him if he does not like what I or Gram makes for dinner, he needs to make his own.