I ran out of ideas for a post and title today. I just made up a post title and will build on that. I am thinking of the song that is in Wall E. I looked at some real estate auctions online today, and they had barns. I just need to borrow a few grand or hundred grand and drive to an auction. I might just drive there without the cash and get the feel of how it all goes down.

I took some “old” film to get developed today. I hope I get a few amazing pictures from it. I might get grey fuzzy images, who knows. Tomorrow I also hope to plant a few mini hothouse (milk bottle) veggies and melon. They will end up as deer food, if I put them outside here. I am hoping they don’t overgrow before I find a permanent place for my “garden” this year. It might be containers on a balcony or side of the driveway. Hopefully, with a little luck and searching it will be a small spot on a lot or acre.

Also on tap for tomorrow, my son’s second report card for sixth grade. I have a short conference with his homeroom teacher. I feel like a hot mess, physically. I need my hair cut and colored. I need my brows done. I need a manicure. I put all of those off to save up to get out of here. I will show up to school like a hot mess. I  color my own hair, but that can wait until Saturday.

I avoided writing about my exercises, I avoided doing much exercise today. I did some stretching and electrical stimulation on my arm and shoulder. I still have not determined if I will get to my abs tonight.