One Year Past My Stroke

Random thoughts one year later;

If I live a few more hours, I have lived one full year since my stroke. I am glad to walk about, be alive, remember as much as I can, and just keep trying to improve. I hope to continue eating healthier and lose more weight. I hope to get more walking in, once I don’t have to fight snow and freezing rain. I am starting to realize I will continue to need a few devices to make my life more complete.  I still can not put on my pants and shoes unless I am sitting down. I still can not crochet to my hearts content, and plan on ordering a device I saw online to accomplish this. I have a restricted drivers license, so I have to plan on pulling over while taking long trips to adjust the radio, blow my nose, or get a drink of water. I can walk without my cane, but still hobble badly. I still can not swim even half as fast as I used to, but I can move some doing a side stroke or back float. I can tread water about the same as before. It is good to know before I head out on a cruise. I am still typing with one hand. This year went by fast. I napped about half of it.


2 thoughts on “One Year Past My Stroke

  1. Congratulations, Diana. I have never had a stroke, but I had an accident during a seizure many years ago, and it took me a couple of years after that accident to learn how to walk and talk and eat again. Hang in there, you’re doing fabulous!

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