Doctor Says I Am Fine

My blood tests results for cholesterol and all that other metabolic stuff are in the normal range. I will never know if it is all from the diet change or all the meds or a combination of both. He is keeping me on all the meds. I am not anemic now, unlike most of my life. Why do I always weigh more at the doctors?

I made some phone calls and appointments, and will be blitzing the real estate world this weekend. It will be relaxing after I figure out my next living situation. I think I narrowed it down to a smaller slice of the state that has decent schools and half of the snow. My daughter will be helping me sort it all out.

I went swimming tonight instead of walking. Ideally, I should do both. I took my long morning nap again, that cuts into my productive time. I might start setting two alarms to solve that problem. I don’t have that problem when there is no school. If I don’t get up early to eat breakfast with my son and make his lunch for school, I don’t go back for that long nap.