Patina of Time

Looking back

I saw many sights this weekend. I was so curious about these trains left behind on the tracks. I was not brave enough to walk closer (it might be posted property). I also forgot to bring my cane on my trip. I was not walking well on uneven ground. While taking this photo, I had an eerie sense that something was looking back at me.

I put an offer in on a mobile home. It will take a few days before I find out if my offer is accepted and whether I am approved by the park. It is a very scenic area of New York State. It has much less snow than other parts of New York I have lived in. It still gets snow, just not tons of the depressing stuff lingering forever.

I also picked up some Jerusalem artichokes or sunchokes for my new garden. It might have to be a shade tolerant garden, but I like challenges.

I have been so tired! I forgot to post last night for the first time in months. I guess that was inevitable. I am not superwoman. I did not have a laptop or phone capable of posting. I could of borrowed one, but I totally forgot.

Tomorrow is back to physical and occupational therapy. I have been slacking on that too.