More Summer Please

Little stone building

We are due to get a day or so more of this record setting warmth. I love bright sunny days. I spent a little while outside this afternoon. I drove to get my hair done with the windows open. I went for a walk around the block after dinner. It was still warm enough for a short sleeve shirt. I am glad the black flies did not come out yet. I could have, should have walked further. I will try to get out earlier tomorrow to do just that.

The only depressing thing about today was seeing all the grey hair stand out. After she cut off the colored part of my hair it was more noticeable. I guess I won’t look like I am twenty anymore. I have aged at least 10 years this past year. That is just more incentive for me to walk and exercise more. Something must be done so I look glowing not ghastly.

The picture today was from Gilbert Lake State Park (NY). The CCC built some of the buildings still there. I am not sure if this pavilion type building was one, but when I go back I will investigate more closely.