Going Nowhere Fast

How I feel sometimes, left to decay

Another warm sunshiny day. I finally managed to get my car washed. I drove through the automatic. It never seems as clean as when I did it myself. I know it needs more than a quick blast to the tires to get all the winter crud out. When my mother can find her hose and hooks it up, I will blast the tires myself.

I was feeling kind of exhausted after dinner. I did not take my walk about the neighborhood. I also skipped out on the talent show I wanted to go see. I went grocery shopping at two different stores. I have determined I need to buy a belt. My jeans will not stay up anymore. I guess any weight I lost comes off my womanly curves first. I feel more like an aging unik each passing day.

I also have the nagging annoyance of the shingles to deal with. They are on the fattest part of my stomach. It is disgusting to look at while I rub vitamin creme on them. I guess that just contributes to my down turned mood today. I also did not hear any response from the hope to be future landlord.