The Start of Another Weekend

tropical pines

I want to make the best of every minute I have left to live. The trouble about that statement is I am not making the best of it. I have too many mental roadblocks. I do have a few major physical limitations. I can’t wrap my head around going forward without improving. The improving is going so slow. Too slow for me to comprehend. I wake up with good intentions, then I let fatigue overtake me. Everything else I forget, that stuff falls by the wayside. Days turn to weeks, almost three months of this year are past. I am still the lost soul, swimming in a fish bowl.

2 thoughts on “The Start of Another Weekend

  1. Hang in there… I remember after my accident, it seemed like I’d never get better. Sometimes it was like 2 steps forward, 3 back, 5 forward, 2 back… it was hard to see any daily progress, especially when sometimes I did slip ‘back’ from day to day. But, over time, I could finally start to see progress even though it did take years. Try to look at where you were in the beginning, compared to today, and measure your progress that way. If you measure today against yesterday, it’s going to be hard to see. I know it’s frustrating too, to remember all the things you could do before, that are now a struggle. Even small things. Try to think of things you couldn’t do 6 months ago that you’re doing well today. Don’t give up!

    • Thanks for the advice. I do compare to what I could do before, and what I want to do now. I have to learn to remember what I can “realistically” do now.

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