In My Next Life I Will Be A Stone Mason

stone study drive by

I look forward to the day I own my own land again. I want to try to build a stone house. I will start with a small project like a shed or garden wall. I wish they still made houses like this today. That is most likely a few years off or never. I still can dream, and appreciate the stone buildings of the past. This picture I captured in a drive by shooting. My daughter was driving, and I took the picture at about 30 mph. I did not notice the car mirror in the shot.

Today I finally dyed my hair. Good bye to the oldĀ  grey haired lady in the mirror. Now there is a younger (a year or 2) looking burgundy haired stranger looking back. I think my eyes have sunken in more since my stroke. No matter how much sleep I get now, I never looked refreshed anymore. It could be all the meds. It could be I need another 4 hours sleep?

The shingles on my stomach and back are starting to hurt and itch less. I hope they are finally healing. I am missing my cousin’s daughter’s wedding shower tomorrow, because there are going to be multiple pregnant women there. I don’t want to be responsible if none of them had chicken pox before, it could harm their babies. I was looking forward to seeing my cousins. The only time everyone gets together is for funerals or weddings. Hopefully in the fall I will be healthy for my niece’s wedding.

I am back to excuses of not walking outdoors. It only got up to 45 today. After being in the 70’s it felt cold and damp.(it sprinkled too)