Not The Best Day

I had to un-friend a former high school classmate on facebook. He was an annoying political commentator type. I tolerated, argued with his ignorance, then finally learned how to ignore him. Yesterday however, he crossed the line of sanity. He kept on with a tirade against the young murdered kid in Florida. After informing him of how disrespectful he was and him feeding on people (mostly me, he did not have many friends) reacting opposite I had had enough. Goodbye Richard. Thanks to you, I will never listen to what any Conservative ever says.

I also had the pleasure (NOT) of getting a big NO approval to move into a mobile home park. I also got no reason for denial, so I can’t let ignorance again beat me down. I pressed over the phone for a reason. I consulted a realtor and wrote asking for a written letter from the park owner. The seller is also getting a lawyer to see what he can do. So if I even win my case, I will have a loser landlord. I will pursue this further tomorrow. I had a bad feeling all weekend about not hearing from him, and my references not hearing from him.

Strike three today, my son’s roommate landed in the hospital. I can’t help but worry. I worry that I can’t help.  I worry that no one else worries. My mission is to right some wrongs, save the world from wrongs, but I can not stop even one.

I did hardly anything physical today, save walk to my car. I had no motivation. I wasted my time trying to look for plan B, maybe C. One tiny bright spot, my son came home happy all his homework was done in study hall AND he got to go outside for recess. He also liked the corn on the cob I cooked up for dinner. I am not sure where it was grown, but I bought it at aldi’s. It said grown in the USA. I thought it tasted like cookies.