Until We Are Under One Roof Again

I am trying my best to make the best of my situation. I am on to plan B. A sprawling 8 acres with a house built in the 1800’s, in the same school district my oldest two graduated from, is offered as an REO. This means it did not sell for what was owed, they are now taking other offers. I want to look at it and put in an offer.  I hate when they don’t have millions of pictures on the listing. I did get a decent view of the grounds thanks to google maps. I like what I see, so far. I wish I could drive there tomorrow to see it in person. I wish upon a star to have something go my way. I also played the mega millions, and talked my sister into buying tickets too. My 7 year old niece said she felt lucky, and she picked some numbers as well. My sister wins many local contests. She is a winning magnet. I would be just as happy to find my own place to start over. I have one sprout so far (I think it is squash) for the mini garden I started. That is more hope than I had yesterday.

I was feeling a little bit dizzy and lightheaded (are they the same thing?) today. When I took my meds tonight I found out why, I failed to take my morning meds.

I pinned a few pictures from my blog to pinterest. I am still clueless how to put my pinterest link on my blog. I deleted all the negative posts from my facebook timeline. I am ready to start over.