Get The Blah Out

Stone for a reason

You can tell this picture was in the past. It was snowing trying to rain all day. It was cold, it did not even hit 40 today. I dream of the day I have my greenhouse. I will be outside, without feeling the harshness, the blah. I have more sprouts (struggling to find light). I will plant some more tomorrow. If I don’t get a permanent home for them by transplant time, the ones that don’t go into containers will be deer food.

I used to love spring, but it has just started here. Not every tree has green buds, only small patches of lawn are a faint green. I did not grow up here in this high elevation, and I miss the “normal” spring feeling of a new beginning. I am not waiting on winning the lottery to get out. I am getting the blah out. I am calling another Realtor tomorrow to try another two day search of future homesites.