Rally Around The USA

mater from the cars movie second cousin

So, yesterday proved that if enough people get together that all believe in the same thing, and each one contributes a few dollars, 640 million could be raised. It is too bad that kind of rallying does not go on for a less selfish cause. We need organization and determination. Instead we get power hungry out to out do each other. I am not impressed by the powerful.

I also don’t get the popularity of certain handbags that some woman have to have. They are usually uglier than a burlap sack. When my son was young I ditched my handbag after having to make the choice of saving my handbag or my son that was getting away on the mall escalator. (my friend retrieved my purse as I ran down the escalator after my son) I learned to carry just the essential cards, cash, and phone in my pocket. Now that one of my shoulders droop, I appreciate that I am accustomed of not being a slave to my bag. My bag that I have had for years and bought for 14.99 on clearance. Like my clothing, I don’t feel a need to replenish per season, just because. I retire things as they collect too much paint spills, or wear holes that show parts that are better left covered. What brought most of this to my attention today, I was perusing¬† vogue magazine, some ads were several pages. It was highly predictable and familiar. I can’t fathom the money spent on producing those pages, without coming up with totally new campaigns or designs.