Sitting Around, Thinking

I have waited too long

I was so enamored by this planter that I had to stop the car to get a shot. It was in front of a boy’s home near Boston. I can relate to it. I have very little feeling on the top of my head, along with parts of the left side of my face. This is some of the side effects leftover from my stroke over one year ago. It was worse the first few weeks. Beverages used to dribble from my left side, and bits of food too. I make sure I have a napkin when I eat now, and check often. I also think I talk funny, yet speech therapists say otherwise. I definitely can not sing like I used too. Not that I was good enough to try out for Idol or anything. I just sound broken and cackley to myself.

I had a slow start to my day today. My son is off school all week, so no need to set an alarm. He seemed more interested in the house we will be moving to. He wants to make it into a Nerf gun battlefield. I hope he is not going to be disappointed, since it is a small house. I am excited that I will be an owner of a small house. Less heating, cleaning, and upkeep that I should be able to handle one handed. It has trees big enough to build a tree swing and possibly a tree fort. It also has enough yard to build my raised planting beds and greenhouse of my dreams.

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