Lost, Real Life Edition

little boats, big ocean

When you see these little boats, and compare them to the Titanic, it is hard to imagine that somehow life could change direction or be lost so easily. It does not matter the size of the boat, or the expense that went into it. Life does not even need a boat to change course. This weekend volunteers are gathering to look again for a young 18 year old man who has been missing for weeks. He was last seen as he left a party to walk home. I would be in an utter panic and frantic maniac searching, if he were my son. I would like to help look for him, but feel I would be more of a hazard then a help. I also have a bad feeling he is much farther away than they are searching.

I spent half the day trying to deal with insurance companies, both online and on the phone. I am glad it was not health insurance, but still wrought with frustrations. Why do I need a password to see my account balance online? Do they fear someone else will pay my bill? Then trying to get homeowners insurance quotes, why does my credit score rely on bad behavior (by me) to judge what price I pay? I have never had a fire, or homeowners claim in my whole life, but they don’t ask me that. I also have a dog that never bit anyone or even bark at someone. Because of her breed (part pitt bull) only one company (very intelligent State Farm) will give me a policy in NY state. It is proven that labs are the breed that have caused the most homeowner injuries, yet they are not on the “list” of dogs not even considered. What about unruly, rebel teenagers? They can cause home damage, especially with a group of friends. Even well mannered children and adults can be clutzy and cause home damage. I am sure we all know someone who fell asleep or were too busy with other work in the home and almost burned the kitchen down. (not naming any names)  I guess life is not fair. My older son said this week that I used to tell him that. (but I don’t remember telling him)