Slow And Low

Salem, ducks

I did not get much done today. I was so tired, like I still had jet lag. I did some laundry, and cleaned just a little. I moved someĀ  planters out from under the back deck. I am hoping that there will be no more major storms. I have the most sick spindly seedlings started. I guess they need more light. I don’t have a grow light, or space near the window. I was going to attempt to plant a few more to see if they would be better. I had planned on getting my tomato and pepper plants already started from a greenhouse. I guess I could attempt starting my other veggie seeds directly in the ground. I just am not sure if not being around to water them the first part of the summer would kill them anyway. I plan on heavily mulching, but need mother nature to be kind as well. If I don’t try I won’t know, so try I will.