Dreamy Sunday

big blue

I slept in for the last day of my son’s school vacation. I was glad he did too. I spent most of the day waiting for it to warm up and inspire me. That never happened. I did get to see a couple of old family photos of my great grandparents. TheseĀ  were photos that I never knew existed. If my sister finds the time she is going to scan them, so we each can have digital copies. I hope to live that long. I hope I also live long enough to get my photos put in albums. I have a few I need to throw out. I have a few I want to enlarge and frame. I have some I want to burn, as I drink wine, and cry as I listen to music.

I have many phone calls to make tomorrow. I suspect the rest of my time spent in these mountains will be planning to move out. To me that is a good thing. I am now finally at my lowest weight since just after my 12 year old son was born. I have a ways to go. I have the satisfaction that it is finally going in the right direction.