Everyday Struggles

is my ship coming in

I am trying to learn the ropes of buying a foreclosed property. It is not for the uneducated, faint of heart, or those not willing to gamble. I am a little bit of all of those. To be honest, I am almost 100% all of those. I am trying to educate myself on all things diy, frugal, and still legal, all at the same time. I am trying to choke back buyers remorse, before it is even bought. I did not secure the homeowners insurance I thought was all set. I learned the hard way there is not a simple policy for buy it quick now, and make it liveable a few months down the road. I guess it was living in a different state with less sue happy inhabitants that spoiled my view last time I bought a house. Watch out New York State, I am back, and stumbling through.

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