Tic Toc

is this window to let light in, or stick a cannon out

I am realizing in about a week my house closing is supposed to happen. Time is speeding up as I get older. I have to learn to savor every moment. My son is partway through the state standardized school testing. I used to dread the drama the teachers put on the importance of filling in the circles precisely. I like to color outside the lines. I have always been a rebel. I don’t get people that don’t question everything.

I made a trip to the grocery store to get a few things. I forgot the beets. That is so ironic, and so like me. I did finish the avocado, so my brain won’t be totally damaged. I get to take another trip to the store tomorrow. I am going to try roasting the beets, instead of boiling them. I would love to try them grilled, but my mom does not cook out. She does not have a grill, nor want one, she avoids the sun. After seeing some pictures of her when she was young I can see why. She had snowy white hair and eyebrows, she was so fair.

One thought on “Tic Toc

  1. People who do as they’re told and stay in the circles and don’t question anything make the best tax payers, which is why they beat that into kids in school… (I tell my kids to question everything!!!)

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