Weekend Plans?

I will be doing everything I did not get done this week. I have to orchestrate some cleaning in my son’s room. He can’t seem to distinguish between too much stuff laying around and being neatly picked up. I think if we pack some rarely used items to be moved, he will have more space to set up his lego “scenes”. First order of business will be homemade pizza. I will do the pineapple and coconut again, I might put tofu instead of cheese on mine. I also might get some free rocks from craigslist. I am not too sure on this, since it might be too far to drive. I can only handle smaller rocks with one hand. I also don’t have a pickup truck. It should be an adventure, and I love rocks. If I had some more mad gas money, I would drive to some garage sales. They are geographically too spread out around these parts to make it worth my while. I might happen to pass by one on my rock outing, or one in town that is not advertised. That is all I have planned, besides some movie time if it gets chilly and rainy.