overstuffed on pizza and powerberries

Instead of the pineapple coconut, I made spinach, tofu, tomato, red pepper, cheddar. It was tasty. I think I ate the whole bag of Trader Joe’s Powerberries today. I can’t remember if I opened them this morning or yesterday. They are pure evil. They are a source of antioxidants, but they are coated in saturated fat (chocolate). I  promised myself today, I will not buy them again. I will blame my lack of internet on my lack of willpower today. I could not get the wifi to work with anything, until my sister came over and rebooted the router. I would have did it myself earlier, but it was locked in my mother’s room.

I did manage to vacuum and do laundry and wash dishes, but still have much left on my list for this rainy weekend that is predicted. I also received good news from my lawyer, all is on tract to close next week.