Oops, missed a day, because I am late

yes he wears the same hoodie all the time

Once again, time has sped up and past without me noticing. Was I having fun? Not really, I was watching tv shows on Netflix. It was the thing to do whilst cold and late. I make no excuses for having to warm my feet up when they are cold. I was warmer earlier when I had the oven on to make the best potato wedges. I bought a bag of really smallĀ  potatoes, they were almost small enough to be salt potatoes. It made it easy for me to slice them up with one hand. I also started using my left hand to help me wash dishes. I might have done that before. My mother has a touch of OCD, so when she is around I don’t wash them. I can straighten my thumb and pointer finger much easier now. It gives me hope that I can defeat the tone someday.