Closing is getting closer

button up

I have a million things on my mind. More than half, have to do with my house closing this Thursday. What I need to pack in the car to empty into the new house. What will be most useful, yet light enough for me to carry with one hand? How much will fit in one tiny car? Is my sister going to make it up (she lives next door) to retrieve some of my things that are packed away in the garage attic?

Some of the worrisome things I have been thinking of lately have to do with my health. Years before my stroke, I had complained to the doctor of feeling dizzy, and something about the top of my head was not right. I tried to explain the ringing, coming from the top of my head. Always misunderstood, the doctors think I am talking about my ears ringing. NOOOO, I have been to loud concerts in small venues. I know the difference between my ears ringing and what I feel happening in my head. Sometimes I feel like it is filled with water. The neurologist said it was some main nerves that ran up the back of my head getting squeezed by tension. I was relieved temporarily, thinking it was just nerve squeezing. After having blood drip out of my nose for no reason, I think they are all wrong. I just want to blog here, for the record, I have a deep instinct,  that they are all wrong. I have had blood come out of my ears, for no reason. I now had watery blood come out of my nose. I think the worms are eating into my brain. My blood pressure has been good lately. I checked several times this weekend. My iron has been normal (the best in most of my anemic life). Now I await to move, to find a new doctor, that might have the correct diagnosis for me. I just want to get this all written down. I still believe that someday in the future, healthcare will catch up with research. Logic and common sense will be brought back into business. Healthcare will incorporate logic and common sense once again, but not be a business, but a part of humanity. Until then, the worms in my brain will have a free lunch.