Just Like Christmas Eve

in my next life, I live on a houseboat

It even snowed today! And there was hail, and bright sunshine, and rain, and repeat. Repeat more than once.

I am full of anticipation. I have two days of road trips. Tomorrow is meet with a lawyer. Thursday, closing day, I meet the water department. I also get to unload some items that will help out with the cleaning and painting weekend coming up. I need to take lots of measurements, and take more pictures. It is a pleasant dream come true. I also have more pinterest plans I am dying to try out. I will try cardboard planters, and making a dragonfly out of an old ceiling fan. I will also make plans to pilfer some old barn boards from my backyard. I am not sure if it is my property, or if I need to hunt down permission from someone else.

I made crockpot kidney beans the other day. It was a so so experience. They cooked too long. I also used too much water and not enough spice. Next time I am cutting the onion up much smaller. The recipe called for fourths. I don’t like big onions, so I cut it into eights. Next time I am doing a small dice. Not all is lost, because I froze a bunch to cook up with peppers and spices for tortillas in the near future. I currently used some in my tomato, red peppers, low sodium soup(trader joe’s). Not bad, but needs more spice than just black pepper.