Family Dynamics

ready for landing

My older son insists he did not know about “my” uncle’s service this Saturday, or that he even died (this past Jan). He also does not remember meeting one of my favorite Uncles. I feel guilty of not incorporating my extended family into their life (after all, it is their family too). I can only move forward, and try to do better. I started by informing my two brothers, because (ugh) I think my mom forgot to forward the info about the service to them. She also never asked them if they were going, that would have been their first clue. Well, hopefully everyone will have the chance to meet up to give my uncle a proper send off.

My twin twenty year old nephews were in a horrific suv vs tree accident last  night. Since I was up early to go meet my lawyer 3 hours away, I skipped checking my internet this morning. So, I did not find out about the accident until I got back. Luckily one nephew is not injured, and the other despite skull fractures and some internal bleeding was released this afternoon. One of their friends is still in critical care. Another with fractured vertebrae was released today also. I hope they realize how lucky they are to be alive. I also hope they drive safer next time. They were driving too fast on a curvy road. I hope I get to see more of my family, before it is too late.

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