So Like Sunday


My day of rest over, but I am exhausted. Why do I get severe jet lag from being in a car? I love looking out the window. It was fun talking to my Mom and sister the whole time. Once today, I even burst out laughing, thinking about one thing my mother said yesterday. My sister and I laughed yesterday too. Then we both sigh and say “oh boy” under our breath. As we drove by the former place I once lived, I said “that is the road I used to live on”. My mother replies, “I didn’t know you then” (insert instant laughter). I turned around and introduced myself, after all this time, I thought she knew me since birth. She is priceless.

My car is packed, think of a modern version of the Beverly Hillbillies. I do not resemble Miss Ellie, more like Granny. Everything is inside except the shotgun across my lap, and without a jug of moonshine. Boxes that would be too heavy for me to carry with one hand are divided into shopping bags. Maybe I could grab a shopping cart to get my stuff from my car to my front door. My sidewalk is grassy, and my driveway is a bit away from the house.