overstuffed on pizza and powerberries

Instead of the pineapple coconut, I made spinach, tofu, tomato, red pepper, cheddar. It was tasty. I think I ate the whole bag of Trader Joe’s Powerberries today. I can’t remember if I opened them this morning or yesterday. They are pure evil. They are a source of antioxidants, but they are coated in saturated fat (chocolate). I  promised myself today, I will not buy them again. I will blame my lack of internet on my lack of willpower today. I could not get the wifi to work with anything, until my sister came over and rebooted the router. I would have did it myself earlier, but it was locked in my mother’s room.

I did manage to vacuum and do laundry and wash dishes, but still have much left on my list for this rainy weekend that is predicted. I also received good news from my lawyer, all is on tract to close next week.

Weekend Plans?

I will be doing everything I did not get done this week. I have to orchestrate some cleaning in my son’s room. He can’t seem to distinguish between too much stuff laying around and being neatly picked up. I think if we pack some rarely used items to be moved, he will have more space to set up his lego “scenes”. First order of business will be homemade pizza. I will do the pineapple and coconut again, I might put tofu instead of cheese on mine. I also might get some free rocks from craigslist. I am not too sure on this, since it might be too far to drive. I can only handle smaller rocks with one hand. I also don’t have a pickup truck. It should be an adventure, and I love rocks. If I had some more mad gas money, I would drive to some garage sales. They are geographically too spread out around these parts to make it worth my while. I might happen to pass by one on my rock outing, or one in town that is not advertised. That is all I have planned, besides some movie time if it gets chilly and rainy.

Tic Toc

is this window to let light in, or stick a cannon out

I am realizing in about a week my house closing is supposed to happen. Time is speeding up as I get older. I have to learn to savor every moment. My son is partway through the state standardized school testing. I used to dread the drama the teachers put on the importance of filling in the circles precisely. I like to color outside the lines. I have always been a rebel. I don’t get people that don’t question everything.

I made a trip to the grocery store to get a few things. I forgot the beets. That is so ironic, and so like me. I did finish the avocado, so my brain won’t be totally damaged. I get to take another trip to the store tomorrow. I am going to try roasting the beets, instead of boiling them. I would love to try them grilled, but my mom does not cook out. She does not have a grill, nor want one, she avoids the sun. After seeing some pictures of her when she was young I can see why. She had snowy white hair and eyebrows, she was so fair.


Boston skyline

I need a whole lot of new purpose. I want to work out more, but I can’t seem to stay awake long enough to cover the basics of life. It is like I missed some sleep last week, and  I am still making up for it. My jet lag turned into a week long funk. I saw the guy with the best memory in the US on TV. He stated anyone could have a better memory by eating beets and avocados every day. I have had avocado for two days straight, and don’t feel smarter. Tomorrow I will try beets.

Everyday Struggles

is my ship coming in

I am trying to learn the ropes of buying a foreclosed property. It is not for the uneducated, faint of heart, or those not willing to gamble. I am a little bit of all of those. To be honest, I am almost 100% all of those. I am trying to educate myself on all things diy, frugal, and still legal, all at the same time. I am trying to choke back buyers remorse, before it is even bought. I did not secure the homeowners insurance I thought was all set. I learned the hard way there is not a simple policy for buy it quick now, and make it liveable a few months down the road. I guess it was living in a different state with less sue happy inhabitants that spoiled my view last time I bought a house. Watch out New York State, I am back, and stumbling through.

Dreamy Sunday

big blue

I slept in for the last day of my son’s school vacation. I was glad he did too. I spent most of the day waiting for it to warm up and inspire me. That never happened. I did get to see a couple of old family photos of my great grandparents. These  were photos that I never knew existed. If my sister finds the time she is going to scan them, so we each can have digital copies. I hope to live that long. I hope I also live long enough to get my photos put in albums. I have a few I need to throw out. I have a few I want to enlarge and frame. I have some I want to burn, as I drink wine, and cry as I listen to music.

I have many phone calls to make tomorrow. I suspect the rest of my time spent in these mountains will be planning to move out. To me that is a good thing. I am now finally at my lowest weight since just after my 12 year old son was born. I have a ways to go. I have the satisfaction that it is finally going in the right direction.

Slow And Low

Salem, ducks

I did not get much done today. I was so tired, like I still had jet lag. I did some laundry, and cleaned just a little. I moved some  planters out from under the back deck. I am hoping that there will be no more major storms. I have the most sick spindly seedlings started. I guess they need more light. I don’t have a grow light, or space near the window. I was going to attempt to plant a few more to see if they would be better. I had planned on getting my tomato and pepper plants already started from a greenhouse. I guess I could attempt starting my other veggie seeds directly in the ground. I just am not sure if not being around to water them the first part of the summer would kill them anyway. I plan on heavily mulching, but need mother nature to be kind as well. If I don’t try I won’t know, so try I will.

Lost, Real Life Edition

little boats, big ocean

When you see these little boats, and compare them to the Titanic, it is hard to imagine that somehow life could change direction or be lost so easily. It does not matter the size of the boat, or the expense that went into it. Life does not even need a boat to change course. This weekend volunteers are gathering to look again for a young 18 year old man who has been missing for weeks. He was last seen as he left a party to walk home. I would be in an utter panic and frantic maniac searching, if he were my son. I would like to help look for him, but feel I would be more of a hazard then a help. I also have a bad feeling he is much farther away than they are searching.

I spent half the day trying to deal with insurance companies, both online and on the phone. I am glad it was not health insurance, but still wrought with frustrations. Why do I need a password to see my account balance online? Do they fear someone else will pay my bill? Then trying to get homeowners insurance quotes, why does my credit score rely on bad behavior (by me) to judge what price I pay? I have never had a fire, or homeowners claim in my whole life, but they don’t ask me that. I also have a dog that never bit anyone or even bark at someone. Because of her breed (part pitt bull) only one company (very intelligent State Farm) will give me a policy in NY state. It is proven that labs are the breed that have caused the most homeowner injuries, yet they are not on the “list” of dogs not even considered. What about unruly, rebel teenagers? They can cause home damage, especially with a group of friends. Even well mannered children and adults can be clutzy and cause home damage. I am sure we all know someone who fell asleep or were too busy with other work in the home and almost burned the kitchen down. (not naming any names)  I guess life is not fair. My older son said this week that I used to tell him that. (but I don’t remember telling him)

Sitting Around, Thinking

I have waited too long

I was so enamored by this planter that I had to stop the car to get a shot. It was in front of a boy’s home near Boston. I can relate to it. I have very little feeling on the top of my head, along with parts of the left side of my face. This is some of the side effects leftover from my stroke over one year ago. It was worse the first few weeks. Beverages used to dribble from my left side, and bits of food too. I make sure I have a napkin when I eat now, and check often. I also think I talk funny, yet speech therapists say otherwise. I definitely can not sing like I used too. Not that I was good enough to try out for Idol or anything. I just sound broken and cackley to myself.

I had a slow start to my day today. My son is off school all week, so no need to set an alarm. He seemed more interested in the house we will be moving to. He wants to make it into a Nerf gun battlefield. I hope he is not going to be disappointed, since it is a small house. I am excited that I will be an owner of a small house. Less heating, cleaning, and upkeep that I should be able to handle one handed. It has trees big enough to build a tree swing and possibly a tree fort. It also has enough yard to build my raised planting beds and greenhouse of my dreams.

Ashley Loves Running On The Beach

my therapy dog

For the first time since my stroke,  I ran. It was a panic of being pulled off balance by a 60 pound dog strong enough to pull my weight. I weigh almost 3 times as much as her. Each rushed step I took to keep up with her I expected to be pulled flat on my face. She had already ran around the beach and was panting and tired. It will be challenging to keep her contained when I finally bring her home. My offer was accepted on the house I wanted. I will be moving this summer. I hope the closing happens as planned later this month.

My trip to Boston is over, I drove back today. I should have planned ahead with my posts to keep the blog with one post per day. I like having everything not so perfect. It keeps me off balance.