Driving Gets Old Fast

I used to love long distance road trips. Now driving with one hand takes some of the pleasure out of driving. I can not grab a drink (water) and drive at the same time. I tried, but the slightest bump gets a bit of water on the steering wheel and my pants. I can’t answer an important phone call. Well I did, but thankfully I pulled over a few seconds later. I am too tired to write more today.

One Tired Lady

I have not had a nap in two days, and no nap tomorrow either. I am going to Boston, to visit my older two. I also hope to see as many exciting and free things as possible without killing myself. My legs hurt from sitting in the car too much. I can’t wait until they hurt from walking too much.

Karma You Know You Owe Me

only thing better than a tree reflection would be a tree with leaves reflection

I looked at a house today. It is a foreclosure, and for once it just might happen. I am making an offer tomorrow. I hope something smiles down and no one outbids me. I need a miracle. Now please. I deserve it. I still have more planning to do. Dreams I need to have awake and asleep. Since I did not sleep much last night, I need to tonight. I have more driving to do tomorrow.

Same Thing Different Day

It looked beautiful outside again today. It did for awhile. It did not get much past 40, then it snowed. Then the sun came out in between the other snow/sleet/rain the rest of the day. I was scared to walk back to my car when I got out of the grocery store. It was ok, I did not slip, and everything melted fairly quickly. I have not been using my cane for weeks. Except for over the road walks, I don’t need it. I am taking it with me tomorrow on my road trip. I am going to look at another house. I hope I like it enough to put an offer in. It looks promising on the internet, but there is always the bad reveal you get in person. If it is not ready to cave in, I want it.

I am still stuck at the same weight, but I have not been exercising enough. I feel good because I have not over eaten any bad foods in large quantities lately. I was craving some mountain dew and chocolate, but have none in the house. I won’t drink mountain dew again,  I know how evil it is. It has made my bad teeth worse, and my fat belly pudgier. I will never crave caffeine again. The night I had my stroke was preceded by a caffeine overload day.

Another Thin Blog Post

My son writes Haiku, 17 words. His writing has rhythm and makes sense. I babble on, and feel I have nothing to contribute, and make no sense. I won’t babble on in this post. I don’t even have a new photo to share. Every time I tell myself I will write more or better content next time, but I never actually do. Maybe next time.

Another Monday Done

I muddled through the day. I started off wrong, I fell asleep after shutting off the alarm. It was only 15 minutes, so I managed before I went back to sleep for my morning nap. The sun was shining all day, but stayed cold. I managed to get out and walk a few blocks. That helped clear my head.

Sweet Sunday Success

That means I made it through the day without poking my eye out. I was kind of down today. I had another one of my wake up to think I was having a stroke again nights.  I don’t think I was, I was not numb this time. My head did feel funny. The weather did not make me feel better. It snowed/rained in the afternoon.