First Baseball Game

train station architecture

My son had his first game today. Holy unorganization. He ended up with a tee shirt a tad small, good thing he is stick thin. I had to sit on the bottom bleacher, so uncomfortable for an hour and half. I was also staring into bright sun, so my eyes may never recover. They only played two innings, and my son sat out one. His team did score many more runs. I don’t think they officially kept track. Oh well, it was good to see my son not playing a video game.

My Eccentric Road Trips

waiting for Thelma and Louise

Why go visit what all the other tourists drive to see. All the blue ocean and sunsets look similar. I incorporate venturing off the beaten path to take in a few offbeat sights. In my photos, I capture a multitude of power lines. Ok, I did not take a real road trip this weekend and I am jealous of everyone that did. I don’t mind laboring, as long as I have something pretty to look at when I am done. I am starting to love my tiny new house. I mixed the perfect shade of grayish blue for the main room. My bedroom turned out to be a turquoisey, but I plan on toning it down in the near future. I have a plan to fix all the oopsies where the roller (or paintbrush) touched the ceiling. I am going to sponge oopsies all over the ceiling in graduating lighter shades of the same color. I don’t care for white ceilings.

Today was recoup day. I helped my son contain the mess of toys and papers he saved in his bedroom. While he was at school his hoard of school papers disappeared. I then made him pick up the remaining toys that were not packed already. I called to find out the dealio on his baseball. His first game is tomorrow. We just have to show up and find out which of the two coaches did not call us. I will try to hold back my sentiments, they are unpaid volunteer coaches after all.

The Return To Internet Service

Captured by Damin

I should have pre-posted, knowing I was going to be outside of wifi range with no computer, and I don’t own a smartphone. I actually have a cell phone I call “dumb phone”. No, it is not the user, it is actually the phone. I can’t be bothered to be tech savvy, unless someone actually walks me through it.
I painted a whole lot, and it still is not finished. I learned I can not work 12 hour days. It is dangerous to be non agile, when agility is important. It is very important to be agile when sleeping on an air mattress, and you need to stumble to the bathroom quick without actually falling. As always with me, something has got to give. In my case I opted to wet my pants again, instead of falling in the middle of the night. Another lesson learned, keep spare clothes in the bathroom. I already do that here, but failed to remember until too late at the new place. I can not wrap a towel around my waist, I have tried several times. It is not because I am too big, I have huge bath sheets. I can not hold the one side with my partially paralyzed arm or hand while trying to fasten the other side.

Three of my neighbors were concerned about my grass growing too tall. They stopped by to tell me and offer to cut it. The guy across the street came over with a mower big enough to trim a whole golf course. He said he was just going to go around and test it out. He mowed the whole lawn. In the end I was glad, the mosquitoes loved the long grass. I can’t wait until my whole yard is raised planting beds, with a few cobble stone paths through it. I will need a small patch of grass for a doggie bathroom.

I had my camera, but did not take pictures until the last day. My memory card was full. I had to go through hundreds of pictures to decide which ones to delete. Everything is backed up online, but I am not the trusting sort.

4 1/4 Day Weekend, Starts Tomorrow

a beautiful thing

My car is loaded yet again. I am picking my son up from school tomorrow. We both can not wait to get there. I need to paint until I cry. He will play with his new friends until he is starving. As soon as the car gets unloaded, we are heading out to get more primer, then groceries. I need to eat super healthy. My blood pressure was high today. I am not sure if it was because I felt sick to my stomach. It might have been the other way around. Either way, I am always scared to sleep while it is high. My stroke started while I was sleeping.

I took a short walk around a few blocks. I know my workout the next few days involves climbing up and down a ladder. My calves can feel the future charlie horses already. I plan on breaking up the monotony with garden work. I am getting a few perennials and lilac bushes from my mother. I plan on starting my veggie garden, even though it will be neglected when I am not there next week. I have a few plates my mom did not want for garden edging, an idea I saw on pinterest. Mom does not think it is a good idea, rocks will break the plates. I can not wait to prove otherwise.

More Blurry Wildflowers

hanging out

It rained all day. If the garden was already in, it would have been divine.

I did not walk today. I was so hungry after dinner I ate a peanut butter sandwich.

I went to bed early two nights in a row. I still had to take my morning nap. Tomorrow I hope to dig up a few lilac bushes to transplant to the new place.

Dandelion, Dandelion

fly away

Dandelions are a tenacious flower that most people consider a “pest”. I love dandelion wine. I like the cheery yellow blooms. The best part is when they fluff to seed and fly away. They make a cool design up close too. My 12 year old son took all the photos last weekend. Until the music changed to party music at the wedding we attended, he said he was bored too many times. I gave him my camera and told him  to shoot away.

Today he missed school, he was sick again with a stomach bug. I once again admonished him on the importance of keeping his hands clean. His nails were once again too long and filthy. I am trying to make him independent, but I end up having to tell him what to do.

Today was unpack the car and do laundry day. I also managed to pick up a sofa and folding table at the thrift store. I actually did not get the sofa yet. They are holding it until my sister picks it up with her truck. I took a walk after dinner, around the blocks. My knees have a lot of heeling to do. Three more days until I will be painting my fingers off again.

Tired Eyes

taken by my 12 year old son

I have been fighting allergies all weekend. I don’t know what I am allergic to, since I have never had this happen to me. I am not sure if it is a result of the stroke. Maybe it is just old age. I do know that when I am inside with the windows shut I am fine. When I went outside or opened the windows, my eyes itched and my nose dripped. I attended my second cousin’s wedding, so I took an allergy pill. I was fine after taking the med.

I finished painting my son’s new room dark green. He loves it. I am glad it is done. It took much longer than I expected. It also took almost the whole gallon for a tiny room. The textured upper walls and lower paneling were torture. My right hand is sore. My toes are sore from climbing the ladder. During the actual painting my back was aching. Only a few more rooms to go.

After next weekend, the long holiday weekend, I will be finished with trying to get anything done until I move in. My son should have some baseball games, and I can not spend all my money on gas. My garden will be started so late, and I won’t be able to attend and water it. I will be doing the Ruth Stout thing. I will throw the seeds and mulch the hell out of it and hope for the best.

Tired Again

My blood pressure was up slightly tonight. I am not surprised. I took a walk around a few blocks, and my knees barely made it.

I got my haircut again, super short. It is so hard to wash it with one hand when it grows longer. With the loss of sensation on the left side and top of my head, it never feels clean enough.

I found out that there might be a stroke support group sorta close to my new home. I will have to investigate further. I need to find new doctors as well.


I am not prepping for the end of the world. I am prepping for the beginning of my new life. I bought my own blood pressure monitor today. It was long overdue. I will need one at my new place. My mom has been having issues with her heart rate lately. I thought if I stopped using her monitor her doctor could read hers better.

My sister came up and stuffed my car full for my next trip. I then walked down to her house to borrow a pair of her sandals to wear to the wedding. They are not exactly dress sandals (she uses them for working outside), but I think they are a step up from wearing sneakers with a dress.

I also bought two batteries for the smoke detectors at my new place. I have one electric heater packed. We all froze beyond comfort last time. The weather is supposed to be nice, but there are no guarantees with mother nature.

Tomorrow I get my hair cut, and hopefully all my ducks in a row.