It rained. My feet, socks, and sneaks were soaked most of the day. I drove home with the heat on to dry my shoes, and with the window open so I would not die of the heat. I did not get everything accomplished that I ambitiously set out to. I did manage to get my water turned on in the new house. I also learned where the main line came in the house. I was on the right track from following the water lines. The guy who worked for the town confirmed that it was the main line. He then proceeded to make sure every faucet worked, and no tanks or  pipes leaked. I have one major system working in my house. My electric was supposed to be turned on too. It was not, so I need to talk with the National Grid tomorrow. I met one friendly neighbor, and she has a 12 year old son too.

After getting a fresh look at my new place, I realize how much work needs to be done before I move in. Cleaning will be number one, followed by painting. I stopped at the hardware store before 7pm, and they were closed. I wanted to get some paint chips, so my son can pick out his room color. He wants dark green. I don’t want to assume hunter if he is picturing kelly or olive drab. Maybe he could pick out a crayon?


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