Can I Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight?

Sorry, not today sir. I have been having trouble walking lately. My right knee has been hurting. I have been more hobbly than usual. I have not taken a lengthy walk everyday. I blame myself for not walking more. I have resorted to using my cane, just in case my knees give out. Therapists call it regression. I have not been to therapy in weeks. Again, I blame myself for not doing my strength exercises.

I certainly worked out my right arm today. I mostly packed my car for another trip Monday. I am to finish packing it to the seams tomorrow. I borrowed some bolt cutters, I need to get the previous owners lock off the shed. I question why they would leave the shed locked. I am hoping it is empty. The worst case being (besides finding a crime scene) that it is full of garbage I will have to dispose of. My new place is really small 680 square feet. I need to store my tools and seasonal things in the shed.

While looking through stuff I have in storage, I can not remember if I sold my extension cords at my liquidation sale. I can not find them here, and my mother and sister don’t recall where they were placed or if they were sold either. It is one of those instances where common sense and organization would  help my memory. Common sense and organization have been out the window for awhile now. I am ready to welcome them back.