Was A Beautiful Day

It would have been great to take pictures. I did not get my camera out at all. I went and bought my son a gallon of dark green paint, for his new room.  He does not know it, but it is not the color he picked out. The clearance paint could not be tinted that dark. I did get a gallon of oops paint that was a darkish olive green, and they tried to make it darker. I am going to hope he loves it. I am too frugal to pay full price. I scored the free quarts at ace in dark blue. I plan on mixing with leftover white and other paint to make whatever nice color that materializes. I did that with my last house, and loved it. They tell you to make sure it is all flat or all gloss, but I have mixed them. It all works, and lasted all the years I was there. I can live with any color except white, beige, or red on the wall. I need color, or I will feel like I am in prison. I have never been to prison, but most of the places I worked at had white or light grey walls.

My younger son asked me today, when I am going back to work. I told him I don’t know when, but when I do it will be working from home. I still have not decided if I should go back to school. I most likely will just take some local or online courses. I already have one degree I don’t use. I do know that my mental and physical limitations would be best suited as self employed.