I Tried Something New

one blooming tree

I made microwave popcorn, not in the pre-packaged bag. After several attempts of making my own in a brown paper lunch sack, my mother bought a plastic bowl that was specifically made to pop popcorn. It worked fairly well. I think it is Presto brand. I am not a big advocate of buying plastic stuff, but I need to control the salt content of all my food. After I popped it plain (no oil or salt), I sprayed a little olive oil spray (the kind you buy in a can for cooking/baking). I then sprinkled with granulated sugar and cinnamon, and less than one eighth teaspoon of salt. I put too much cinnamon on this time. But this is the first time ever I ate cinnamon on my popcorn. Next batch will be powdered sugar, less cinnamon, and a tad more salt and oil.

Every time I cook lately, I think about how I am going to manage to cook when it is just me and my son. Especially when my son will be at school or playing with friends most of the time. I just need help chopping and peeling BIG round things, like honeydew melon or large potatoes. I don’t mind eating and cooking potatoes with the skin on, but my son is more finicky. I also have trouble holding cans at the can opener, but I might find the perfect sized blocks to place under for the can to rest on. I also will have to¬† plan ahead a day or two and have my son help me open salsa jars.