Hot Diggety, New Digs

Teddy O’Teddy

That picture is really how my new small house shutters  look. It is like a ranch style cottage built in 1959. It does not have any mid century features left inside. This weekend, with help from my daughter and her friend, I will be getting the interior sanitized. We also hope to get yard work done, and get the hot water tank fired up. I also need to label my electrical box and cut off the lock on the shed.  I have not even seen the inside of the shed yet! The shed window is boarded up, so that will be coming down and a new screen covering it until I find a window I can use. So that means I will be taking lots of before pictures.

I most likely will not have energy to post this weekend. My car is full once again, I might not even need a moving truck by the time I am done going there almost every weekend. Painting, cleaning, and yard work will be my therapy for awhile.