My Happy Mother’s Day

clean windows, grubby siding

I spent the whole weekend cleaning, mostly inside, with my hands in COLD bleach water. It wrecked havoc on my back. My helpers did a majority of the work. I am so thankful for that. My house interior is now ready to be painted. My son’s room is already primed. I have a shiny new lock installed, so I might skip to painting my front door next. Most likely, I will stick to the plan of getting the bedrooms painted before the furniture gets moved in. I think my dog enjoyed her weekend too. We took a few minutes to take her to the park, so she could run free. She loved it, and was tired from that quickly. She also gave us a good laugh after she mysteriously appeared with white eyebrows. I thought she had aged since a few weeks ago when I saw her. It turned  out to be paint. She had sneakily went down the hall to check out the painted room. Her eyebrows must have brushed against the paint can while she was sniffing.