preserved in a rock

I had to deal with an unnatural amount of spiders while cleaning the house all weekend. Today karma got back at me for killing all those spiders. I opened the front door to go out to my car and saw a HUGE brown spider walking towards me. I shut the screen door, then opened it to see if that killed it. I could not step on it with confidence. It was a short step down, if my ankle had twisted and I fell near the spider, I don’t know what horrendous sounds I would have screamed. I slammed the screen door shut and decided I would go out the other door. After I told my mother the story she got out the can of raid. She sprayed enough to kill everything on the block and ensure anything that lived would have messed up offspring. It did not crawl back out of its hiding spot while we watched. It did appear all curled up dead a short while later. Then I had two small ones hopping around the trunk of my car. I left them alone, I really don’t like killing them. They have a purpose. I think the spider gods are still angry with me.

I walked around the block tonight. I could tell how weak my knees are getting since stopping therapy. I would go back if I had unlimited visits covered by insurance. I need to build up my walking again. I have spiders to outrun. I also took my mom along, she is further out of shape too. She might have a pacemaker put in. I wish she would try eating an all fruit and veggie diet for awhile. She has her own ideas and plans. I can only worry since the family history of stroke comes from her mother.

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