Mid Week Slump

painted by my son

I feel like I am still recovering from last weekend. It is almost time to pack the car again for next weekend. Since it rained cats and dogs all day, I did not get out to take a walk. I tried to work my left shoulder, it is feeling a bit droopy lately. I am also bummed the pair of sandals I bought to wear with my dress to a wedding this weekend will not work out. I bought them online. They are slightly too big, I stepped out of the left one after three steps. That is dangerous in my world. My ankle could easily get twisted on the shoe. My foot drag could also take my shoe off. I don’t really have time to stop at a real shoe store and try on sandals. If I take the time out Friday night to shoe shop, I have less time to paint. I don’t know if anything except sneakers will be suitable again this year. I can’t wear heels, clogs, flip flops or any backless slip on. I guess I will get over it eventually.

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