I am not prepping for the end of the world. I am prepping for the beginning of my new life. I bought my own blood pressure monitor today. It was long overdue. I will need one at my new place. My mom has been having issues with her heart rate lately. I thought if I stopped using her monitor her doctor could read hers better.

My sister came up and stuffed my car full for my next trip. I then walked down to her house to borrow a pair of her sandals to wear to the wedding. They are not exactly dress sandals (she uses them for working outside), but I think they are a step up from wearing sneakers with a dress.

I also bought two batteries for the smoke detectors at my new place. I have one electric heater packed. We all froze beyond comfort last time. The weather is supposed to be nice, but there are no guarantees with mother nature.

Tomorrow I get my hair cut, and hopefully all my ducks in a row.

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