Dandelion, Dandelion

fly away

Dandelions are a tenacious flower that most people consider a “pest”. I love dandelion wine. I like the cheery yellow blooms. The best part is when they fluff to seed and fly away. They make a cool design up close too. My 12 year old son took all the photos last weekend. Until the music changed to party music at the wedding we attended, he said he was bored too many times. I gave him my camera and told himĀ  to shoot away.

Today he missed school, he was sick again with a stomach bug. I once again admonished him on the importance of keeping his hands clean. His nails were once again too long and filthy. I am trying to make him independent, but I end up having to tell him what to do.

Today was unpack the car and do laundry day. I also managed to pick up a sofa and folding table at the thrift store. I actually did not get the sofa yet. They are holding it until my sister picks it up with her truck. I took a walk after dinner, around the blocks. My knees have a lot of heeling to do. Three more days until I will be painting my fingers off again.