4 1/4 Day Weekend, Starts Tomorrow

a beautiful thing

My car is loaded yet again. I am picking my son up from school tomorrow. We both can not wait to get there. I need to paint until I cry. He will play with his new friends until he is starving. As soon as the car gets unloaded, we are heading out to get more primer, then groceries. I need to eat super healthy. My blood pressure was high today. I am not sure if it was because I felt sick to my stomach. It might have been the other way around. Either way, I am always scared to sleep while it is high. My stroke started while I was sleeping.

I took a short walk around a few blocks. I know my workout the next few days involves climbing up and down a ladder. My calves can feel the future charlie horses already. I plan on breaking up the monotony with garden work. I am getting a few perennials and lilac bushes from my mother. I plan on starting my veggie garden, even though it will be neglected when I am not there next week. I have a few plates my mom did not want for garden edging, an idea I saw on pinterest. Mom does not think it is a good idea, rocks will break the plates. I can not wait to prove otherwise.