The Return To Internet Service

Captured by Damin

I should have pre-posted, knowing I was going to be outside of wifi range with no computer, and I don’t own a smartphone. I actually have a cell phone I call “dumb phone”. No, it is not the user, it is actually the phone. I can’t be bothered to be tech savvy, unless someone actually walks me through it.
I painted a whole lot, and it still is not finished. I learned I can not work 12 hour days. It is dangerous to be non agile, when agility is important. It is very important to be agile when sleeping on an air mattress, and you need to stumble to the bathroom quick without actually falling. As always with me, something has got to give. In my case I opted to wet my pants again, instead of falling in the middle of the night. Another lesson learned, keep spare clothes in the bathroom. I already do that here, but failed to remember until too late at the new place. I can not wrap a towel around my waist, I have tried several times. It is not because I am too big, I have huge bath sheets. I can not hold the one side with my partially paralyzed arm or hand while trying to fasten the other side.

Three of my neighbors were concerned about my grass growing too tall. They stopped by to tell me and offer to cut it. The guy across the street came over with a mower big enough to trim a whole golf course. He said he was just going to go around and test it out. He mowed the whole lawn. In the end I was glad, the mosquitoes loved the long grass. I can’t wait until my whole yard is raised planting beds, with a few cobble stone paths through it. I will need a small patch of grass for a doggie bathroom.

I had my camera, but did not take pictures until the last day. My memory card was full. I had to go through hundreds of pictures to decide which ones to delete. Everything is backed up online, but I am not the trusting sort.