My Eccentric Road Trips

waiting for Thelma and Louise

Why go visit what all the other tourists drive to see. All the blue ocean and sunsets look similar. I incorporate venturing off the beaten path to take in a few offbeat sights. In my photos, I capture a multitude of power lines. Ok, I did not take a real road trip this weekend and I am jealous of everyone that did. I don’t mind laboring, as long as I have something pretty to look at when I am done. I am starting to love my tiny new house. I mixed the perfect shade of grayish blue for the main room. My bedroom turned out to be a turquoisey, but I plan on toning it down in the near future. I have a plan to fix all the oopsies where the roller (or paintbrush) touched the ceiling. I am going to sponge oopsies all over the ceiling in graduating lighter shades of the same color. I don’t care for white ceilings.

Today was recoup day. I helped my son contain the mess of toys and papers he saved in his bedroom. While he was at school his hoard of school papers disappeared. I then made him pick up the remaining toys that were not packed already. I called to find out the dealio on his baseball. His first game is tomorrow. We just have to show up and find out which of the two coaches did not call us. I will try to hold back my sentiments, they are unpaid volunteer coaches after all.