Mid Week Slump

painted by my son

I feel like I am still recovering from last weekend. It is almost time to pack the car again for next weekend. Since it rained cats and dogs all day, I did not get out to take a walk. I tried to work my left shoulder, it is feeling a bit droopy lately. I am also bummed the pair of sandals I bought to wear with my dress to a wedding this weekend will not work out. I bought them online. They are slightly too big, I stepped out of the left one after three steps. That is dangerous in my world. My ankle could easily get twisted on the shoe. My foot drag could also take my shoe off. I don’t really have time to stop at a real shoe store and try on sandals. If I take the time out Friday night to shoe shop, I have less time to paint. I don’t know if anything except sneakers will be suitable again this year. I can’t wear heels, clogs, flip flops or any backless slip on. I guess I will get over it eventually.


preserved in a rock

I had to deal with an unnatural amount of spiders while cleaning the house all weekend. Today karma got back at me for killing all those spiders. I opened the front door to go out to my car and saw a HUGE brown spider walking towards me. I shut the screen door, then opened it to see if that killed it. I could not step on it with confidence. It was a short step down, if my ankle had twisted and I fell near the spider, I don’t know what horrendous sounds I would have screamed. I slammed the screen door shut and decided I would go out the other door. After I told my mother the story she got out the can of raid. She sprayed enough to kill everything on the block and ensure anything that lived would have messed up offspring. It did not crawl back out of its hiding spot while we watched. It did appear all curled up dead a short while later. Then I had two small ones hopping around the trunk of my car. I left them alone, I really don’t like killing them. They have a purpose. I think the spider gods are still angry with me.

I walked around the block tonight. I could tell how weak my knees are getting since stopping therapy. I would go back if I had unlimited visits covered by insurance. I need to build up my walking again. I have spiders to outrun. I also took my mom along, she is further out of shape too. She might have a pacemaker put in. I wish she would try eating an all fruit and veggie diet for awhile. She has her own ideas and plans. I can only worry since the family history of stroke comes from her mother.

My Happy Mother’s Day

clean windows, grubby siding

I spent the whole weekend cleaning, mostly inside, with my hands in COLD bleach water. It wrecked havoc on my back. My helpers did a majority of the work. I am so thankful for that. My house interior is now ready to be painted. My son’s room is already primed. I have a shiny new lock installed, so I might skip to painting my front door next. Most likely, I will stick to the plan of getting the bedrooms painted before the furniture gets moved in. I think my dog enjoyed her weekend too. We took a few minutes to take her to the park, so she could run free. She loved it, and was tired from that quickly. She also gave us a good laugh after she mysteriously appeared with white eyebrows. I thought she had aged since a few weeks ago when I saw her. It turned  out to be paint. She had sneakily went down the hall to check out the painted room. Her eyebrows must have brushed against the paint can while she was sniffing.

Post 222

point the way

I have a thing for numbers. I have not studied numerology, or even read much about it. I do believe in the power of three. I have three children. I like the power of three in interior and landscape design.

Have a safe and happy Mother’s Day Weekend. I am honoring mine by not being around to bother her this weekend! I love you Mom.

Hot Diggety, New Digs

Teddy O’Teddy

That picture is really how my new small house shutters  look. It is like a ranch style cottage built in 1959. It does not have any mid century features left inside. This weekend, with help from my daughter and her friend, I will be getting the interior sanitized. We also hope to get yard work done, and get the hot water tank fired up. I also need to label my electrical box and cut off the lock on the shed.  I have not even seen the inside of the shed yet! The shed window is boarded up, so that will be coming down and a new screen covering it until I find a window I can use. So that means I will be taking lots of before pictures.

I most likely will not have energy to post this weekend. My car is full once again, I might not even need a moving truck by the time I am done going there almost every weekend. Painting, cleaning, and yard work will be my therapy for awhile.

I Tried Something New

one blooming tree

I made microwave popcorn, not in the pre-packaged bag. After several attempts of making my own in a brown paper lunch sack, my mother bought a plastic bowl that was specifically made to pop popcorn. It worked fairly well. I think it is Presto brand. I am not a big advocate of buying plastic stuff, but I need to control the salt content of all my food. After I popped it plain (no oil or salt), I sprayed a little olive oil spray (the kind you buy in a can for cooking/baking). I then sprinkled with granulated sugar and cinnamon, and less than one eighth teaspoon of salt. I put too much cinnamon on this time. But this is the first time ever I ate cinnamon on my popcorn. Next batch will be powdered sugar, less cinnamon, and a tad more salt and oil.

Every time I cook lately, I think about how I am going to manage to cook when it is just me and my son. Especially when my son will be at school or playing with friends most of the time. I just need help chopping and peeling BIG round things, like honeydew melon or large potatoes. I don’t mind eating and cooking potatoes with the skin on, but my son is more finicky. I also have trouble holding cans at the can opener, but I might find the perfect sized blocks to place under for the can to rest on. I also will have to  plan ahead a day or two and have my son help me open salsa jars.

I Need A Better Plan

giant tortured mole turns to stone

I waited all day for the rain to stop long enough to vacuum out my car. It rained all day. I hope to get it done tomorrow. I signed my son up for baseball today. For a few days each week, he will be away from the video games. He was off for awhile today, my sister took him to the pool to swim. I should have went too. I needed a day of down time after driving so much yesterday. I spend too much time worrying how long I will be so easily fatigued.

I Took Out My Camera In The Enchanted Forest

trillium with enchanted fox/cat/human face

One of my favorite wildflowers, the trillium. Any ordinary person would get out of the car to take a close up. Not lazy, tired, hurting me. I lowered my window, and zoomed as much as I could without getting pixely. When I got home and put the picture on my computer, I saw a face clearer than the flower. Right above it has green cat eyes, a fox nose, and human mouth. If you step back you see its grey body curled up. I see another face too, underneath. It is a much smaller deer/human with long antlers. Nature has a vivid imagination. I am glad I stopped along the road to get a drink of water.

Was A Beautiful Day

It would have been great to take pictures. I did not get my camera out at all. I went and bought my son a gallon of dark green paint, for his new room.  He does not know it, but it is not the color he picked out. The clearance paint could not be tinted that dark. I did get a gallon of oops paint that was a darkish olive green, and they tried to make it darker. I am going to hope he loves it. I am too frugal to pay full price. I scored the free quarts at ace in dark blue. I plan on mixing with leftover white and other paint to make whatever nice color that materializes. I did that with my last house, and loved it. They tell you to make sure it is all flat or all gloss, but I have mixed them. It all works, and lasted all the years I was there. I can live with any color except white, beige, or red on the wall. I need color, or I will feel like I am in prison. I have never been to prison, but most of the places I worked at had white or light grey walls.

My younger son asked me today, when I am going back to work. I told him I don’t know when, but when I do it will be working from home. I still have not decided if I should go back to school. I most likely will just take some local or online courses. I already have one degree I don’t use. I do know that my mental and physical limitations would be best suited as self employed.

Can I Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight?

Sorry, not today sir. I have been having trouble walking lately. My right knee has been hurting. I have been more hobbly than usual. I have not taken a lengthy walk everyday. I blame myself for not walking more. I have resorted to using my cane, just in case my knees give out. Therapists call it regression. I have not been to therapy in weeks. Again, I blame myself for not doing my strength exercises.

I certainly worked out my right arm today. I mostly packed my car for another trip Monday. I am to finish packing it to the seams tomorrow. I borrowed some bolt cutters, I need to get the previous owners lock off the shed. I question why they would leave the shed locked. I am hoping it is empty. The worst case being (besides finding a crime scene) that it is full of garbage I will have to dispose of. My new place is really small 680 square feet. I need to store my tools and seasonal things in the shed.

While looking through stuff I have in storage, I can not remember if I sold my extension cords at my liquidation sale. I can not find them here, and my mother and sister don’t recall where they were placed or if they were sold either. It is one of those instances where common sense and organization would  help my memory. Common sense and organization have been out the window for awhile now. I am ready to welcome them back.