Sucked Into A Movie

I got up late today. After breakfast and a shower I was ready to head out to go grocery shopping. I sat down in the living room with the tv on. I wanted to make sure my son ate lunch before I left. A movie with Meg Ryan and Nick Cage was on. I watched it because I have never seen it before, or remember hearing about it. I was sucked in. It was City of Angels. It had some good music, but it was sad music. I left to go shop before the end of the movie. I had predicted it would end all sappy. I could not take another minute of tear jerking music. I have had a hard time containing my emotions (good and bad) since my stroke. I guess that is one thing they don’t have a post therapy to help fix. By the time I got home the sky opened up. I had physical problems to think about instead of emotional. That does not make my emotional problems go away. They are just waiting, building up, and most likely will be unleashed at the most inappropriate time. Maybe that is why my family calls me dotty. Maybe if they told me why they call me dotty and talked to my face instead of behind my back, I would not have as many emotional problems. Driving home today, by myself, I was thinking of why I was going places by myself all the time. I can relate back to the movie. I am a different species. I can appreciate how I am different, yet the same as everyone. Everyone else just sees I am different.