Gulped Quesadilla

My daughter and son-in-law were rained out of their hiking they had planned. They were only one hour away at a friends house, so they decided to take a quick trip up to take us out to dinner. I was the only one that actually went out with them. Since I had skipped lunch, I was hungry. I ordered a chicken quesadilla. It was huge! My son-in-law cut a piece off for himself, since I knew I would not be able to finish it. I still was the last one done. It was so sloppy, and filled with salsa. I have never had one served like that. The salsa usually comes on the side. It was good since I was craving peppers and salsa anyway. I left room for a small ice cream with hot fudge on it. They were stingy with the hot fudge. I guess my guilty glutenous ways are better left to indulge at home. I rarely eat ice cream now, so I most likely won’t have any more until my birthday. Maybe earlier if I lose 10 more pounds.

Tomorrow I will make my own pizza dough. I was chopping up peppers when they called. I am going to load my pizza with peppers. I have been very lax with the walking lately. I think my knees have healed enough from the ladder stress I put them through. I must get back to walking. I also need to get my stim machine back on my shoulder. I feel my shoulder drooping too much. My wrist has been feeling strong with out the stim. If I start the routine with my shoulder, I might as well try my wrist again too. Even though it feels strong, it is not 100 percent back to normal.

Tomorrow I need to search for a new dentist closer to our new house. I also need to plan my next trip down. Figure out how to tear out the rug in my son’s room, buy a new rug, and get it in place before we move his furniture in.

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