Considering Less Posts

I struggle to post everyday. I am lacking good content. I have not had my camera out since I put in the new memory card. I planned on taking it to the ballgame today. The game was cancelled because of the wet field.

I only packed a few more boxes of books in my son’s room today. I felt dizzy, so I stopped, and never went back. I still have to edit his clothes. He has weighed the same for a few years, just grew taller. Most of his t-shirts and shorts are too short, yet plenty big around his waist. I still struggle to get him to eat more. It is hard trying not to make a big deal out of it. I don’t want him to haveĀ  mental issues about his body image as the result of my constant nagging.

My blood pressure has been slightly high again. Most likely it has been the worrying about moving, along with the bread with too much sodium. I look forward to when I will start baking my own.