Adding Patina

growing a hot mess

Because of my addiction to home improvement shows, I have come to use the word patina more often than my former self would approve of. Everything I own is a project waiting to happen. This is what is giving my life purpose for now. As much as I have been to my new to me (circa 1958) home to clean and paint, I still have much more to improve. I have also starting to acquire more possessions that will be a repurposed wonder someday. I got this old aluminum pot from the local thrift store (for free). It was there last week, and since I could tell no one else would cook in it, I thought it would make a nifty planter. It still has to have the holes drilled in the bottom. I am temporarily storing part of the bag of pebbles I bought for another project. I could not lift the heavy bag too easily by myself with one hand, so I dumped some in the pot. I then got the idea to stick some of my loose landscaping doodads that have been kicking around through my various moves. Those wooden tulips my son just had to have a few years back when we stopped at a yard full of some guys homemade wood crafts. I always wanted to be that person, to have a yard full of stuff to sell. My yard chairs, that were formerly used as my dining room chairs, because I am cool like that, are getting their own I have been moved one too many times nicked up rusty spots. They are on the list of yet to be painted. They will most likely match my front door, since that is metal and needs to be sanded and painted too. I have not decided if they will be  periwinkle, deep blue, or deep purple. I am leaning towards periwinkle.

My son had his second baseball practice/game this season. He plays so awesome, for someone whose dad never spent a minute throwing him a ball or even watching a game on tv with him. I also can not afford to take him to a batting cage. He could be a pro if he tried.  He also was the only kid that cried when he struck out. I thought he grew out of that last year. I am not sure if he needs therapy, or maybe just a few friends to tell him to get over it. I keep reminding him of how even Jeter and A Rod occasionally strike out. What I say just makes him angry. He did make it to first base and then a run home with the next batter. He also caught a pop fly at second base. He made it seem effortless.