The Countdown to Moving Begins

planted with one hand

I am trying to avoid building up my anxiety of being ready to move. Holy crap, it is closing in on me fast.  I don’t have my new internet service lined up yet! Ready or not, I resolved to just take one day at a time. All my projects and efforts take me so much longer after the stroke. Yesterday, I shucked some corn on the cob for dinner. The first piece took me 15 minutes. The rest went a little quicker, about 20 minutes for the next 5 ears. I won’t be working in a factory anytime soon. If the Nazi’s captured me, I would be shot. It would take me too long to walk to the gas chamber.

I gave up on perfection after the stroke also. I bought a cheap coconut liner for my planter. It took a few minutes to finagle it into the planter just so. It was almost evenly spaced, until I picked up the bag of dirt with one hand. I dropped the whole bag in the center and messed up the liner and the hanging chains tangled more. Well, now it has more character with the liner sticking out. You can’t buy preplanted ones like mine. With my messed up vision, I don’t notice all the imperfections anyway.

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