It’s Alive

Avocado finally sprouted

I have waited so patiently for my avocado pit to sprout, it finally has a shoot. I seriously was about to give up on it. Now, I will have to read up on how to take care of it so it will mature. I have killed too many sprouts already this year. I only have cucumber seedlings that lived through my poor lighting and tiny paper pots. They are doing great, despite being way too spindly to start off. I also lost a few and had to restart them. I will be taking both with me to our new home. I will just build a small container garden this year. I still have to make raised beds to work in next year. The avocado will have to be kept inside, since it is a warm weather plant. In a few years, I hope to have a greenhouse. That is my eager plan anyway.

My son played his last baseball game here today. His team’s last week is next week. We are moving Sunday. I tried to take pictures two different days. My camera does not work right anymore. It works if I don’t zoom, but it is out of focus when I zoom. I changed to different settings with no luck. I will have to see about getting that fixed. The camera is only 3 years old. I admit, I have dropped it a few times. I might have to buy a baby one that can be dropped.

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